Baxter Arnold OH

When serious illness forced Baxter’s family to surrender him, Jim and Cheryl Arnold decided they would act as Baxter’s Aire-angels. The Arnold’s were without an Airedale and, lucky for Baxter, they decided to take this sweet boy into their family. He is adjusting well and enjoying his new life. Thanks to Lynn, Barbara, and Tom for stepping up to the plate to help this sweetie and to Sandi for suggesting the Arnold family.

Baxter lying down on the grass


As you can see, he is a very smart boy. He has learned to shake and to crawl on command.

I take him to my grandson’s baseball games and the kids there have a ball teaching him (so they believe) new tricks. My granddaughter did teach him to crawl, and did she get a kick out of it. She then went to their lab and had to teach her to do the same thing. We sort of have a contest going. So far, Baxter is in the lead with the tricks.

Thanks again for everything, especially BAXTER. I love him so dearly, and so does everyone who meets him.

Cheryl and Bax.

Baxter licking his nose