Barnaby Haney MI

Written by Lynn O’ShaughnessyCreated: 11 August 2008Last Updated: 17 June 2013Hits: 5197

Barnaby (aka Henry the 4th) came into rescue as an 11-week old pup. He was surrendered by a family whose dad had lost his job just after bringing him into the family. Henry has found a wonderful home in Michigan.

Thanks Marcia Felton and Lynn O’Shaughnessy for handling Barnaby’s transport, Lynn O’Shaughnessy for fostering Barnaby and Kirk Nims and Mike Billion for doing the home visit!

June 2013 Update

Not much has changed in all these years, he’s still got his favorite spot 🙂

Barnaby sitting on a bushy plant

September 14, 2009

Barnaby’s favorite outdoor activity is flopping down in the middle of any leafy bush he can find. Almost all of them are flat now that he’s made them his pillows.

He is getting bigger by the day. He’s not training very well, we might have to start him in some classes. He’s only barely learned his name and “come” seems to me “whenever you feel like it” haha. He’s gotten much better about potty training, but has still had a few accidents.

My brother is visiting the family for a little while and brought along his 1 year old Wheaten terrier. He’s around the same size as Barnaby, a little smaller, so they’re able to play together well without hurting each other. (The only other dog he’s had a chance to play with was my other brother’s adult Staffordshire terrier. He was too intimidated to have much fun).


Barnaby lying down on a plant