Bailey Zacharias MI


Oh my, he is a good dog. On our morning walk another dog was out being walked, one of those small breeds, that dog barked nonstop. Bailey looked and was quite and wanted to continue his walk.
At the moment, he is rearranging the blankets on the bed to his liking. I’d say he is comfortable.
Today we learned he loves to play fetch and brings his toy back and hands it to you so gently.
Couple of nice walks – weather here is beautiful so park time. My friend joined me, Baily also likes him, giving hugs and kisses.
We walked to the park and then went to an area where there was water and no other people. Baily would jump at new sounds.
We played fetch with a stick. He did go right up to the waters edge, so we decided to throw stick in water, each time a little further, Third time Baily decided it was too far, but you could see him eyeing the stick. He must have been thinking, “I have to bring something back” so he picked up his leash and brought that back. We laughed. Frisbie went well also. He is so good at returning the items he fetches.
Oh my! Just looked over at him in the bed – he is all stretched out and taking up most of the bed.
He goes between me and my friend and listens to us both, I believe he does know how to be a good dog already. No Potty accidents as of yet, he comes up to me and whines to let me know he has to go out.
Photos attached of day.
Bailey’s mom, Kathy

June 2012 Update

Bailey and I are doing fantastic!!!! He is such a good dog , does not go through door until I do, and yes, you where right about small rodents…he saw his first ground hog , wish I had my camera , he stands on his back legs watching it.
We walk twice a day for 15-20 minutes. When I get ready for work it’s ball time, he brings his ball and drops it at my feet for me to roll it down the hallway. After a few times, he won’t give up ball. He is such a funny guy! First dog park visit, and he did not bolt , he mossied around sniffing all he could. Met two dogs and no aggressiveness. But when I walked away out of site to the trash … poop patrol… he followed. He comes to me when i say, “lets go.” Dog park was nice but no shade so I needed to find a place with water for us to get into. So lake adventure again.
Bailey does so well on his leash and when I call to him. Met another pup at the lake seven week old Lab full of energy. Bailey was good with him until pup jumped up on Bailey then a growl and teeth, to let him know to knock it off. The nice weather here is so inviting but I need a lake or a body of water for play. Hmmm. Wonder if he would stay still in my kayak as there is space in front of me for him. Need a doggie life vest first. On to our next adventure.
Oh. People are amazed at how well behaved he is, then I tell them i haven’t had him long and that he is a rescue dog. My sweet boy is just what I needed…I was rescued.