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If you are thinking about adopting a rescue Airedale from SOAR, we have made the adoption process easy to understand and getting started is simple.     Read more --->
Our Mission

The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

SOAR's Diana Muldaur Fund

Fund raising with star power. 

Click here for details.

Second Chance

Written especially for SOAR, click here to listen, read the words, and see Ryan Humbert's photo.

SOAR's Cindi Mysyk Fund

Click here to read about this special fund for Senior Airedales.

2018 Aire Affaire Event

April 28, 2018

Details Here

Layla's Fund

Layla's Fund helps adoptive families with unexpected expenses.
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January 2010

  • Jackie McGuinness - general donation
    Hope 2010 is everything you wish for!  from Aireangel
  • Jason and Nicole Fox - general donation, Merry Christmas Susan and Jim!
  • Susan Gadzala - general donation, thanks for all the help Marcia!
  • Betty Peercy - general donation
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - in kind donations
  • Jackie McGuinness - general donation
  • Terry and Donna Peiffer - general donation, "Good to hear of the work being done by SOAR."
  • Marcia Felton - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Beverly Langley - adoption donation for Katie
  • Anne Statham and Michael Zupan - adoption donation for Sophie
  • Toledo Kennel Club - Aire Affaire donation
  • Barb Oimas - Aire Affaire donations

altFebruary 2010

  • Pints Pub - Aire Affaire donation, "Good luck with your function!"
  • Cleveland All-Breed Training Club - general donation, "To those involved in Starting Over Airedale Rescue:  Thank you for all the good work you do on behalf of our canine friends.  We at CABTC hope these funds will help in your good efforts."
  • Mary Wright - Aire Affaire donations
  • Sweet P's - Aire Affaire donation
  • Outward Hound - Aire Affaire donation
  • Windy City Airedale Rescue - Aire Affaire donations
  • STAM - Laura Burgess - Aire Affaire donations
  • Poochie Bells - Aire Affaire donations
  • Dogwise - Aire Affaire donations
  • Premier Pet Products - Aire Affaire donaitons
  • Merrick - Aire Affaire donaitons
  • Doggone Good - Aire Affaire donations
  • Carol Usher, Woolie Dales - Aire Affaire donation
  • Don Brighenti - general donation from Borders gift wrapping
  • Tresa Cook - adoption donation for Duke
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - in-kind donation for thank you cards

March 2010

  • The Honest Kitchen - Aire Affaire donaitons
  • Nutri Source, Jayne Adamson - Aire Affaire donaitons
  • Vet Science - Aire Affaire donaitons
  • Mutt Lynch Winery - Aire Affaire donations
  • Terry Stevens, Blackheath Farms - Aire Affaire donations
  • Cloud Star - Aire Affaire donaitons
  • Pet Stages, Marion Kaufman - Aire Affaire donaitons
  • Thundershirts - Aire Affaire donations
  • Dick Ceppi - Bravo - Aire Affaire donaitons
  • Micalyn Harris - Aire Affaire donaiton
  • Sandy Boyd - Aire Affaire donation
  • Janie Miller - Aire Affaire donation
  • Kimpton Hotels and Restaraunts - Aire Affaire donation
  • Susan Fox - Aire Affaire donations
  • Marcia Felton - Aire Affaire donations
  • Joan Ragan - Aire Affaire donations
  • Russ and Cindi Mysyk - Aire Affaire donations
  • Marcia and Dohn Roush - Aire Affaire donations
  • Ann Curran, Ragtail - Aire Affaire donations
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - Aire Affaire donations
  • Embassy Suites, Tom Dwyer - Aire Affaire donations
  • Dexas International, Ltd. - Aire Affaire donations
  • Gourmet Gift Baskets - Aire Affaire donations
  • Beverly Langley and Larry Stephens - Aire Affaire donation
  • Robin Reynolds - Aire Affaire donations
  • Yvonne Michalak - general donation
  • John and Carol Ronneau - general donation "With best of wishes for a successful SOAR Aire Affaire!  Thank you for all your efforts to keep Airedale tails wagging."  Carol Ronneau
  • Dennis and Sharon Bardash - Silver Sponsor for Aire Affaire
  • Kathy Patterson - general donation
  • Richard and Diana Dyer - surrender donation for Oscar
  • James Ryhal - general donation
  • Ruth Mouch - memorial donation for Harold Mouch
  • Timothy Ruffin - general donation
  • Mary O'Connell - donation in memory of Kathy Coleman's beloved Soda.  Mary, Sammie and Charlie
  • Sandi Sprankle - in kind donation for Dora's medication
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - in-kind donation for charity auctioneers
  • Susan Fox - in-kind donations for Zoey's expenses

April 2010

  • Grizzly Pet Products - Aire Affaire donations
  • Whole Dog Journal - Aire Affaire donaitons
  • Pet Central, Steve Fraley - Aire Affaire donations
  • Sojourner Farms - Aire Affaire donations
  • K-9 Genius / KVP Int. - Aire Affaire donations
  • Planet Dog, Kristen Smith - Aire Affaire donations
  • Sedona Pet Products - Aire Affaire donations
  • In the Company of Dogs - Aire Affaire donations
  • Omega Fields - Aire Affaire donations
  • Janet Williams, Actic Aire - Aire Affaire donations
  • Dohn and Marsha Roush - Aire Affaire donations
  • Carol's Doggie Gift Baskets and More - Aire Affaire donations
  • Tracy Mason - Aire Affaire donations
  • Purrfectly Rebarkable - Aire Affaire donations
  • Jardin Consumer Solutions - Aire Affaire donation
  • Oh My Dog Supplies - Aire Affaire donations
  • Sandee Boyd - Aire Affaire donation
  • Rose Marie Iski - Aire Affaire donations
  • Jaynie Baker - adoption donation for Oscar
  • Sherry Regnier - adoption donation for Dora
  • Dorothy Duff - general donation
  • Debbie Butler - Bronze Sponsor for Aire Affaire

altMay 2010

  • Terry and Donna Peiffer - general donation 
  • Kong - Aire Affaire donations
  • Lorie Ausel - Aire Affaire donations
  • Melissa McCall - Aire Affaire donation
  • Cabot Creamery Cooperative - Aire Affaire donations
  • Gozodog, Stacy Schaffer - Aire Affaire donations
  • Susan Fox - in kind donation for Zoey's expenses
  • Mary Cole - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Dohn and Marsha Roush - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Barbara Mann - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Sandi Sprankle and Don Brighenti - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Beverly Langley - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Ray and Carol Cooper - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Ruth Mouch - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Kirk Nims and Mike Billion - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • April and Chris Piechocki - general donation 
  • Donna Anderson - general donation
  • Lisa Simon - general donation
  • Rich and Marcia Felton - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Peggy Seymour - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Barbara Rover - general donation
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - donation to Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Mary O'Connell - general donation
  • Jayne Gerba - general donation.  "Your group does such good work and for such a great cause!"
  • SJS Investment Consulting - Bronze Sponsorship for Aire Affaire
  • Penny and William Morris - adoption donation for Zoey
  • Mark Gilland - Surrender donation for Lady
  • Terri Marsico - adoption donation for Annie

We want to thank you so much for the 'goody box' from SOAR.  Our Airedale 'kids' were so delighted to try the goodies.  Two-year old SOAR rescue kid, Kirby, and 8-year old George (raised from a pup) also send their thanks.  I was using the Champion Chips to refresh training and the 'boys' were very anxious to earn them.  Thank you again!     

Nancy and Chris Erhardt, proud Airedale owners for 41 years

June 2010

  • Cathy Spall - Aire Affaire donations
  • Cheryl Andrews - donation for Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Cathy and Ray Peabody - donation for Diana Muldaur Fund
  • Michael McMillan - adoption donation for Tyson
  • Mary Cole - adoption donation for Rowan
  • Dennis and Sharon Bardash - adoption donation for Phoebe
  • Dave Lempereur and Laura Schneider - adoption donation for Murphy
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - in kind donation for T-shirts

July 2010

  • Susan Fox - donation for puppy expenses
  • Maureen Tate - donation for puppy expenses
  • Jackie McGuinness - donation for puppy expenses
  • Susan Fox - donation in memory of Piper Fox.  She brought more love and laughter into our house than anything else ever could have.  She was a special foster sister to all homeless furkids and through Piper I have gained many cherished friends.  She is sadly missed by her family.
  • Susan Fox - donation in memory of Nettie Theiss.  Nettie was Jim's mother-in-law and a wonderful lady. She was witty, loved writing poetry, and making people laugh.  She had firsthand experience with Odie, the Airedale, and Lady, the Welsh Terrier.  She always loved Odie and delighted in telling me stories of the two dogs.  Nettie was a very special lady. 
  • Elaine Martin - general donation
  • Timothy Ruffin - general donation
  • Jim and Beverly Packard - adoption donation for Bogie
  • Linda Hammack - adoption donation for Mia
  • Rick and Debbie Habig - adoption donation for Nellie
  • Terry and Robin Elkins - adoption donation for Koda
  • Michael and Angie Moellering - adoption donation for Roscoe
  • Mark and Leslie Schafer - adoption donation for Oliver
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - in-kind donation for Bella's vet bills
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - in-kind donation for hosting and website

August 2010

  • Debbie Butler - donation for puppy expenses
  • Chris and Tara Mendola - adoption donation for Sadie
  • Violet Hagenah - adoption donation for Ruger
  • Cindi Mysyk - adoption donation for Minnie
  • Susan Row - adoption donation for Bella
  • Wire Fox Terrier Rescue, Great Lakes - general donation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Paul - donation in memory of Carol S. Byatt, who held a special place in her heart for Airedales.  May God bless you in your efforts!  Every dog does deserve a second chance!
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - in-kind donation for Minnie and Addie grooming

altSeptember 2010

  • Mark and Lois Zoll - general donation
  • Linda Hammack - adoption donation for Mia
  • Terry and Donna Peiffer - general donation
  • Elizabeth and Randy Roberts - adoption donation for Addie
  • Elaine Martin - donation from sale of items she made
  • Timothy Ruffin - general donation
  • Brian Burns - adoption donation for Belle
  • Cindi Mysyk - adoption donation for Minnie
  • Frank and Denise Krashoc - in-kind donation for Bingley's expenses

October 2010

  • Josephine Patten - general donation
  • Steven Volk - adoption donation for Chloe
  • Kristi Davies - donation in honor of Beverly Langley...Happy Birthday!

November 2010

  • Lana MacInnes - general donation
  • Nicole Bowman - adoption donation for Jasper
  • Beverly Langley - donation for Diana Muldaur Fund in memory of Murphy
  • Terry and Donna Peiffer - general donation
  • Frank and Denise Krashoc - adoption donation for Bingley
  • Christopher and Joanne McGehee - adoption donation for Jozee
  • Bill and Delores Stull - adoption donation for Suzie
  • Beverly Langley - donation in memory of Rebecca Langley Beckley
  • Goodsearch - general donation
  • Debra Fairchild - general donation

December 2010

  • Suzie Staraitis - general donation
  • Sue Quale - general donation
  • Tracy Mason - general donation
  • Allie Boddy - adoption donation for Addie
  • Michelle Persinger - general donation
  • Francee Ender - adoption donation for Lacey
  • Ellen McGeagh - e-bay listing fees 
  • Denise Krashoc - general donation
  • Frances Martin - general donation "Thanks for all the help you gave us with those pups.  I always enjoy reading updates about them on your website."  
  • Melanie Bowling - general donation, "Merry Christmas Beverly Langley!"
  • Harry and Gail Coe - general donation
  • Joanne McGehee - general donation
  • Joshua and Catherine Mudd - adoption donation for Rosie
  • Andy Loredo - adoption donation for Yoshi
  • Susan Moen - general donation
  • Joan Hirsh - general donation in honor of Elaine Martin, "Elaine, you are an amazing, fabulous friend of Airedales and we appreciate all you do!"
  • Jim and Ramona Grills - general donation
  • Don Brighenti and Sandi Sprankle - general donation
  • Timothy Ruffin - general donation

If you have made a donation to SOAR (Starting Over Airedale Rescue, Inc.) and your name is not listed, please contact the webmaster. We appreciate and want to acknowledge every donation.