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Our Mission

The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

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Second Chance

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Each rescue depends on a lot of  dedicated "behind the scenes" volunteers and we thank each of you who were involved in the rescue of  Sadie Lou.

A huge thanks to Cindi Mysyk for driving 10 hours round trip to do the home visit for the Mendola family and Jan Wiles for fostering and transporting Sadie Lou to her new forever family. We are deeply grateful to our volunteers who unselfishly give of their time to give these dogs a second chance.

So, our sweet Sadie took no time at all to win our hearts. She won mine the minute we met as Frances can attest, and Tara quickly became fond of her as well. First comment from my lovely bride was she looks like a Christmas dog and just missing a candy cane to carry in her mouth. Always liked these dogs but she didn't know they were Airedales.

Our Doberman is now a different guy, instead of constantly on patrol he brings her toys and bones. He has been smiling more as you can see in the picture. Happy fella and treats her very much like a lady, I told him he was getting a British girlfriend!

Sadie is an excellent walker. Tara has been taking control and Sadie heels to her well. She is sitting better and is not jumping as much, unless we are not around then our counters are clean and couch pillows gone in no time!

We are thankful to have her and committed to providing her a permanent and loving home. Good things come to those who wait and I am glad we waited for her, could not have asked for anything more. In our eyes she is perfect.

Most gratefully yours,
Chris & Tara


December 2011 Update

We often consider changing beautiful Miss Sadie Lou’s name to Miss Behavior or Miss Chievous because she’s quite the mischievous misbehaver!  She and her Doberman boyfriend rarely find a dull moment together, usually to take a breather from furniture chewing or chasing each other endlessly in the back yard.

Sadie was a calm and collected young lady when we brought her home from Oklahoma.  This changed in short order after she realized everyone in the house was a sucker for her big brown eyes and curly hair!  One couch and a couple of bathroom walls later we finally managed to reel her in a bit.  She continues to find a weekly project to remind us how inventive she can be in “reorganizing” and “reshaping” stuff around our house.  She’s also quite a talented countertop surfer!

She has proven herself a quicker runner and a better snack-catcher than our Doberman.  Sadie also steals the show when we’re out on walks - kids love her nearly as much as she loves them.  Last winter, a couple of neighbor kids snuck into the yard to play with her.  I still remember the one boy looking up with a big smile, saying, “we like this fluffy one better than that other one” and such is the life story of Sadie Lou.  She fills a space in our hearts and lives that we never knew existed until she wiggled in!

Thank you, SOAR!