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The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

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What is so special about the holidays?  I am sure each of us could give a variety of answers about why the holidays are special to us.  For me it is a time to spend with family...and part of that family includes my four-legged kids.  There is no other feeling like that special “hug” or a wetbeardkiss from my Airedales to give me warm fuzzies.  It raises my spirit to sit and scratch my Airedales and share the wonderful experience of just being together.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

It makes me melancholy when I think of the Airedales who are still homeless and how they should all have a chance at a relationship like this.  That is our goal, to help them find a family who can share a relationship with them and experience this special feeling of being together.  Thinking about all the potential great relationships we have within SOAR makes me rededicate myself to do my best to help homeless Airedales find a good home...and together with their new family experience the warm fuzzies and well-being that living with an Airedale provides.  It is a wonderful feeling that Airedale lovers are fortunate to get on a regular basis, but we don’t stop to think about.  It is just a part of our life.

We should, however, take a few moments every once in a while to realize how lucky we are to have our “best friends” and embrace the positive impact they have on our lives.  Following are examples of Airedales who have recently stayed with SOAR and are now with their special families this holiday season.


I found myself homeless at age 10 because of a death in my family.  I was worried because I really didn’t know who would want a old gal like me.  I had some fatty tumors, a heart murmur, worn out hips and was on three different medications.  I had my share of gray hair and was still mourning the loss of my mom.  All I really wanted was to be a part of someone’s life and to have a place to call my own for the rest of my golden years, but things didn’t look promising.  This is when I found out there were truly Aire-Angels on earth...and they volunteered for SOAR!

A wonderful man drove 3 hours one way to pick me up and take me under SOAR’s wings.  He and another caring man got me started on the road to hope.  My foster mom was great!  She told me every day that there was a place for me and not to worry.  Then it happened!  Just two short weeks later, a wonderful woman actually wanted ME to be a part of her family!  The best part was that she was also a senior!  Now we go everywhere together...including the senior living home where she works.  She makes my heart sing once again.  This is truly a miracle!


At age 4, I was taken to a shelter by my second family of only two weeks because I barked all the time.  Hello!  I am lonely.  I have had some changes in my life.  My first dad had to take a new job and didn’t really have time for me any more.  I needed someone to assure me that that they loved me and wanted me and that I was here to stay.  Well, I guess I was not meant to stay there. But where would I go?

My Aire-Angel was a determined SOAR volunteer who did everything she could to make sure I found the home of my dreams.  She spent time with me working on my manners and gave me what I desperately longed for...some one-on-one time.  She made me feel special!  I thought it couldn’t get any better until I met my new family.  My dad is retired and spends lots of time with me and my Airedale buddy, Andy!  I don’t have to bark any more because I am lonely.  This is my miracle.

It has been a fantastic 2009 for Starting Over Airedale Rescue as we think of the 19 Airedales who came into our program during our first 5 months.  Supporters and volunteers banded together as we “took off” building our network to assure that each and every Airedale received the care they needed.  Foster homes, home visitors and transporters provided a smooth transition from rescue to forever home.  Behind the scenes, volunteers helped to build the infrastructure for SOAR necessary to do the job of rescue and keep the Airedales uppermost in their minds. 

This is the time of year for miracles.  Not necessarily big, splashy miracles, but those smaller, personal miracles created every time we do something for others...many of whom we don’t even know.  At SOAR, we are so lucky to see miracles not just at the holidays, but every day.  Sick and injured Airedales are made well again.  Broken Airedale hearts are made whole again.  Formerly unwanted Airedales are adopted by families that are as excited as children when they welcome their new furry friend.

SOAR has come a long way in a short time, but the journey doesn’t end here.  Help us continue to witness little miracles every day.  Please consider making a financial donation by visiting our "Donate" page so that together, we will continue to be the best, most effective Airedale rescue organization and set the standard for years to come.

On behalf of Daisey and Buck and the Airedales who will find their wings with SOAR in 2010, thank you and have a great holiday!

Lynn O'Shaughnessy