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The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

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Zoey (left) and Chewy (right)

Wanted you to know that one of our own SOAR dogs, Chewy, and adopter Lisa Ciaramitaro were attacked by two pit bulls while walking in their neighborhood on Sunday late afternoon. The pits were behind a six foot wood privacy fence and pounded on the gate until it burst open and they ran and jumped Chewy from behind. Lisa got bit in the hand trying to pull the dogs off Chewy. Neither dogs had on collar so she had no leverage to grab them. One attacked his hind end and tail - he now has nine metal staples there. The other went for his head and neck - his ear is partially torn and gone. He had bite wounds from top to bottom. Lisa was kicking and screaming and pounding on the dogs and able to grab one and drag it over to the backyard while the other hung onto Chewy's neck. Lisa ran to the house door and yelled HELP and was pounding and kicking the door and the owner ran out and grabbed his other dog. At this point Chewy ran on home. Lisa ran after him to find him bleeding everywhere. She packed him into her car and took him to the ER. Then she took herself to a ER clinic across the street. Her hand has punctures and abrasions. They filed a police report.

Chewy came home that night with staples and his ear/head wrapped to stop the bleeding. They gave him shots and meds and told her to take him to her regular vet in the morning. He had a horrible, painful night and was full of anxiety. Lisa stayed up with him all night. He went to her vet and they gave him heavy meds for pain and told her to come back to have staples removed and ear wrap. He finally ate for the first time in two days last night and again this morning. He is very quiet and needy as you can imagine.

Lisa also conveyed that she had lost her job on September 30. She has 60 days of insurance and pay. I told her the owner of the dogs was responsible for the bills but she will probably need to take him to court to get her money. I am confident that if Chewy had not been 90 pounds, he would have been dead as the two pit bulls were determine to harm and/or kill. I told her to follow up with police as she may need rabies shots and not sure if the dogs will be picked up and quarantined and /or destroyed. She was not aware of any laws on pit bulls in her city.

Everyone is better today, but dang, she really had me shaken up. Especially when we talked about Zoey, the ADT pup she adopted from us shortly after Chewy. Zoey is six months old and usually walks with her and Chewy on the same street. If she had been with them, she probably would have been killed. Luckily she was not with them that time!

I am advising that we should be carrying pepper spray or something similar when walking your dogs and suddenly unfamiliar dogs are running at you to stop them. Of course folks are concerned that it would get in their dogs eyes and nose and maybe their own but I don't know of anything else that may prevent an attack.

Thanks, Chris Bettis