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If you are thinking about adopting a rescue Airedale from SOAR, we have made the adoption process easy to understand and getting started is simple.     Read more --->
Our Mission

The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

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Second Chance

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Before you inquire about one of our Airedales listed below, please take the time to read about our Adoption Process and fill out an Adoption Application on-line by clicking on the "Adoption Application" button found at the bottom of the "Adoption Process" page.


Senior Airedales   Special Needs Airedales

None at this time


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Airedales for Adoption by State


Airedales for Adoption by Age

Chloe - Michigan

Echo - Michigan


Chloe - 1 year

Echo - 1 year



Echo 17-017-MI - Adopted!

Age: 1 year, DOB 4 July 2016

Weight: 62 pounds

State: Michigan

Contact: Mark Howitz at 847-541-0166 or

Echo was surrendered to SOAR due to being terror stricken by fireworks or thunder and having destroyed two crates and chewing anything around during these episodes.  He has exhibited no signs of this behavior since coming into rescue and being kenneled with our trainer. He will also come with a “shark” cage which is almost indestructible.

He loves playing with the other dogs both large and small so a home with a dog buddy is preferred. Echo has shown some separation anxiety, probably due to losing his previous doggie friend. No cats. He weighs 62 pounds of lean muscle. He is a typical one year-old Airedale who has had no training – full of youthful energy and loves to play. Echo is very smart and really wants to please. He enjoys all the attention he receives during his training sessions and adores people that he greets with tail wags and kisses. He also wants to jump when greeting so that needs some work but is easily fixable. When he arrived, he didn’t even know his name. Echo has shown no food aggression and allows his food to be taken away with no issues. He is up to date on all his shots, micro-chipped, and was just neutered.

The ideal situation for Echo will be a home where someone is home most of the time, has an above ground, fenced yard, another doggie buddy to play with, and must have someone who will continue his training with obedience classes.

Echo is a great, friendly youngster who just needs an Airedale experienced human to love. If you think Echo is your next new best friend, please contact Mark right away. He won’t be in rescue long.

Chloe – 17-022-MI - Adopted!

Gender: Spayed female     

Age: 1 year               

State: Michigan

Weight: 42 pounds    

Contact: Mark Howitz – or 847-541-0166    

Chloe is still 100% puppy. She bounces through the yard and runs after toys. Watching her play will give you total joy. She is a happy, loving and smart little girl. She loves attention and will cuddle right up beside you. She gets super excited when meeting anyone new, but does settle down quickly with reminders. While she plays well with her foster brother and every one she's met, she does get corrected for nipping too hard at times. She does want to be alpha dog. Cats would be on the menu so they are not welcome.

Chloe is working hard at learning her commands. She knows several but sometimes has to be properly motivated. Treats are always appreciated. She will need continued training to be the best girl she can be. Her Airedale attitude comes out at times and she can be stubborn, but she is totally trainable and wants to learn. Chloe is walking on the leash nicely and listens well to leave it, which only took 1 week of repetitive behavior, so she is eager to please. 

Chloe is house and crate trained. She goes to the door when she has to go potty.

She is getting good at settling down in the crate when you come to let her out. Just 1 or 2 sits is all it takes, but we are working on not jumping up at you when she gets out. 

Chloe will bark to let people know she’s there but does stop when told to. She is very bouncy and is also still in the mouthy phase. We are still working on not chewing on her humans, her foster brother and any shoes lying about. She does well with a correction and a replacement source. Ice cubes work great. The fact that Chloe is so jumpy and mouthy may indicate that young children may not be in her best interest. 

Chloe will make a wonderful addition to anyone who takes the time to show her the rules.  Chloe is food motivated but she’s not food or toy aggressive.

The perfect furever home for Chloe would include:

  • An above ground fenced yard.
  • Someone home most of the time.
  • Airedale experience.
  • Continued training.
  • No small children or cats.

If you think Chloe could be your next new best friend, contact Mark right away.