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Our Mission

The mission of SOAR is to rescue purebred Airedale Terriers who have found themselves without a home, and help them get started on the road to a happy, new life.

SOAR's Diana Muldaur Fund

Fund raising with star power. 

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Second Chance

Written especially for SOAR, click here to listen, read the words, and see Ryan Humbert's photo.

SOAR's Cindi Mysyk Fund

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2018 Aire Affaire Event

April 28, 2018

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Layla's Fund

Layla's Fund helps adoptive families with unexpected expenses.
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Before you inquire about one of our Airedales listed below, please take the time to read about our Adoption Process and fill out an Adoption Application on-line by clicking on the "Adoption Application" button found at the bottom of the "Adoption Process" page.


Senior Airedales   Special Needs Airedales

None at this time


None at this time


Airedales for Adoption by State


Airedales for Adoption by Age

Wilson - Arkansas

Anna - Illinois

Cricket - Michigan

Cricket - 1 year, 5 months

Anna - 1.5 years

Wilson - 4 years


Wilson 18-019-AR

Age: 4 years

DOB: August 15, 2014

Weight: 65 pounds

State: Arkansas

Contact: Chris Bettis at 501-231-4300 or

Wilson was rescued from a chicken coop in the woods, where he spent most of his four years of life. He had little socialization with the world and people. He was not well cared for and was skinny, matted, dirty, and a bit growly. Then SOAR turned his life around!

They say Airedales are a resilient breed, and Wilson is the poster child to prove this. He is in a foster home with two resident dogs and three humans. Wilson is fine with the dogs but he only has eyes for you. He is happiest next to his humans and laying his large head in someone's lap to be loved on. We learned that Wilson’s growls are just his talk as Wilson is gentle, friendly, and has a soft mouth unless you want the shoe, sock, dish towel, or the odd water bottle back! Emotionally, he is like a toddler, always picking up anything in sight, nose into bags, boxes, drawers, and always wanting attention. Everything peaks his curiosity and must be carried away for further examination.

Wilson is tall, 26 inches at the shoulder, so most shelves, table tops, and counter tops are within his gentle reach. Hey, if he sees it, it must be fair game, right? He is experiencing life now as a four-year old puppy!

Wilson went to the local doggy park and did wonderfully. He ran around with dogs, “worked” the people, and even made the acquaintance of a one-year old Airedale. Wilson has a wonderful, smooth, loping run, and can cover some distance quickly. He is agile, shows no aggression and even comes (reluctantly) when called. Wilson loves tennis balls, rides well in the car, and has been allowed access to the entire house but stays behind a gated area when the humans must be away.

Wilson’s foster dad adores him so here are the requirements for adoption:

  1. SOAR approved to adopt
  2. Airedale experienced
  3. No small children residing in the household because of his size and enthusiasm
  4. Fenced yard for ball chasing
  5. Active family (daily exercise and walks for the fur kid
  6. Retired or work-from-home human is preferred

Wilson would do well with an equal-sized companion, but he will believe you belong to him alone. Wilson is ready for his forever life, are you the one?


Cricket 18-020-MI

Age: 1 year 5 months

DOB: 4/24/2017

Weight: 52 pounds

State: Michigan

Contact: Mark Howitz at or

Cricket is a very energetic, young Airedale and will need someone who can help her burn some of that youngster energy. She still needs work on housebreaking but is very smart and she is eager to please her humans. Cricket knows basic commands – sit, down, and shake. She is learning leave it and stay. Cricket loves her walks. She is practicing walking on a leash, and once she settles down, she will walk with a slack leash. Continuing with her obedience training will be a must in order to mold her into that great companion that we know she can be.

Cricket is good with other larger dogs but can sometimes play a little rough like many Airedales. If she is to go to a home with another dog, it would have to be a laid back, non-alpha dog and a meet and greet would be required.

She is a bit of an escape artist so vigilance is required to make sure that she doesn’t have an opportunity to bolt. Cricket is very clever. She has demonstrated the ability to open a typical screen door as well as open drawers. Cricket loves tasty treats and she is very food motivated. She has made great progress on counter surfing but she needs a strong owner to set limits on acceptable house manners. Cricket was trained on an invisible fence so I believe she would train to one with the right diligence.

On leash, she can sometimes bark at other dogs but usually just ignores them. Cricket has a typical Airedale prey drive and hates cats and small critters. She does not care for being crated but accepts it when left alone but can escape from a typical wire crate. She has been trained to sit and wait to be released from her crate. She is very affectionate with her people and loves to be with them but plays a bit too enthusiastically for small children.

The ideal home for Cricket will have someone home most of the time, an above ground fenced yard, Airedale experience owners, and someone who has the time to train and exercise her. If you think Cricket is the match you have been waiting for, contact Mark right away. She won’t be available for long.

ANNA  18-015-IL - Adopted!

Age: 4 years

DOB – 7/20/2014

Weight: 71 pounds

State: Illinois

Contact: Mark Howitz 847-541-0166

Anna is a sweet, energetic girl who loved her humans. She is a great car rider, is housebroken, did fine at the groomer (wasn’t thrilled with having her nails done) and could use some work on leash but not bad. She is one very good looking Airedale! She has spent much of her life as an outside dog but would love to spend her time indoors with her new owners. She is healthy and up to date on all her shots. Cats and other critters are definitely on the menu so a home with no other animals is recommended. Anna also has some issues with some other dogs so in her perfect, furever home she would be an only dog. If you have a fenced yard, are home most of the time, and have no other dogs, Anna may be the match for you. Please contact Mark as soon as possible if Anna sounds like your next new best friend.